what is the nature of interdisciplinary?

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I believe the nature interdisciplinary involves a bit of everything in the art world from all sorts of different medias to techniques.

To me as an interdisciplinarian I am the middle man between an artist and a designer. I come from an artistic background but this has led me to wanting to explore and experiment more as a designer. I cannot decide whether I want to create something which is to be used or to simply just create. This is why I wouldn’t call myself an artist and I wouldn’t call myself designer.  My development process is similar to how an artist stems from an opinion, view or feeling. But I also create like a designer with a message, an idea, or an action.

Interdisciplinary involves me thinking how an artist would but gives me the option of producing something with a purpose if I want to.

Kelly Ward

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One Response to what is the nature of interdisciplinary?

  1. Just thinking about you commenting that its a “bit of everything” but if you think about it we dont do everything i dont think there has ever been any performance art…(if there has been sorry!) maybe this would be seen as a more fine art outcome making an impact maybe?….or maybe us asInterdisciplinary artists prefer to make objects….and does this have anything to do with how our course is timetabled with encouragement of workshops ect!…and yet an “installation” on our course wouldnt been that outrageous but have it move or exists for just a limited time period and yet no one seems to be going not that i know of anyway. maybe we just like making objects that we can keep but with the background skills and knowledge of artists?…..so maybe we dont do “everything” but in particular art and design based objects/outcomes. but i guess this is why we do the course we do!….however a bit of change might be exciting! having just said all that found this on google….


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