Context Level 4

Walter Gropius

‘Gropius created innovative designs that borrowed materials and methods of construction from modern technology. This advocacy of industrialized building carried with it a belief in team work and an acceptance of standardization and prefabrication. Using technology as a basis, he transformed building into a science of precise mathematical calculations.’

‘An important theorist and teacher, Gropius introduced a screen wall system that utilized a structural steel frame to support the floors and which allowed the external glass walls to continue without interruption.’

quoted from Matthews, K, 2010. Walter Gropius [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6th December 2010]

The following research i’ve done reflects how Gropius’s principles of architectural work are still being used today in design

‘This is the first in a series of sculpture/furniture pieces that are based on the architecture of Walter Gropius’. He states that he’s making ‘IKEA models of all eight mid-century Modern Gropius buildings that are currently being demolished by the City of Chicago.’

This furniture pieces are based on Gropius’s 1953 power plant below.

taken from Carter, J. Ikea Hackers [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6th December 2010]

I appreciate the fact that he’s making something that’s old into something that’s new. It shows how versatile Walter’s work is. The materials used are cheap compared to the materials used for the structure of the building. Like all Ikea items, this can be mass produced cheaply. In this piece form follows function, its not very practical because it’s not on eye level.

quote – “Only work which is the product of inner compulsion can have spiritual meaning.”

2010, [Online] Available at: from [Accessed 6th December 2010]

I totally agree with this quote because if you are compulsed to do art your thoughts and feelings come out through your work, which can be religious.


TAC 02 Service by Walter Gropius for Rosenthal
$104.00/5-piece place setting’

Walter Gropius’s work is still being made and sold today. Its shown in this image that’s sold by It’s very expensive being a one off piece.

I found this image on a blog by Bailey, K. 2008. Glamnest [Online] Available at:[Accessed 6th December 2010]

Kate describes how she loves looking for a new teapot and this collection is one of her favourites.

It shows that his work is still very popular with collectors.

By Charlotte Rowley – level 4


1 Response to Context Level 4

  1. Rachael Hewitt says:

    Walter Gropius has used an idea which he has borrowed from modern technology. In similar ways the advertising industry has taken ideas from iconic art and reproduced Images to sell their products of services.–Pic–Gear.html

    On this website there is an image of three recreations of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting. Each one uses iconography to intice the viewer and show them the products they have to offer.
    The first image is
    1. iPhone Last Supper.
    It shows the ascendence of the new iPhone in comparison to to the ipod. Showing the viewer how mighty if you will that it is.

    2. Cookie Last Supper.
    The second image is a last supper using biscuits as the heads of Jesus and the Apostles. This is obviously to advertise a variety of biscuits. It’s a visually stimulating image that makes the viewer want to eat a biscuit and in so serves its purpose.

    3. The Battlestar Galactica’s Last Supper.
    The last image is of some cast members from The Battlestar Galactica television series.

    Although this is not the same as Walter Gropious’s architectural resembling designs the thought behind the recreation is the same. Holding on to a piece of architecture or art in this instance and using it’s asthetic appeal and incorporating it into modern day culture.

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