Postmodern image

Why I think that Banksy’s ‘Marilyn-Moss Art’ is postmodern

Sky News HD, 2009. Picture Gallery – Banksy’s Marilyn-Moss Art For Sale. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 18th December 2010]

This image shows traits of the postmodern era by it playfully showing pastiche and parody. This means that Banksy has created this image to imitate Kate Moss in a comical way because she looks out of character of her publicly known celebrity image. He has also made this image in a deliberate way so Kate Moss looks like an original Andy Warhol screen-print. He has done this deliberately to get a controversial reaction from the audience, because his interpretation is of an image that is well known around the world, and to give a bigger name for himself in the public eye. This piece is showing that there are no rules when you’re making art or design, you can do whatever you want to do, be it controversial or not. I wouldn’t say this is kitsch or in bad taste though because it is well interpreted. He has borrowed the historical style of pop art from Andy Warhol in this piece. He knew the juxtaposition of this piece. It wouldn’t normally sit in a gallery or home as an original/conventional piece because of its unusual subject matter. But it does represent the celebrity culture that is part of our lives now, which is probably what made the buyer pay so much for it at auction. I couldn’t tell that this was by a graffiti artist if I didn’t know who made it beforehand. Banksy might have had the artistic ideology of a belief that pop art was a great influential era in art and design history and that it should come back into fashion with a new audience.

By Charlotte Rowley – Level 4



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