Ideology within Women’s Magazines

Within my 1500 word essay I have been focusing on the varied ideologies within women’s magazine advertisements and how they can be successful in influencing our thoughts and feelings.

For initial research I collected together a few advertisements within the current issue of the UK Glamour magazine (April 2011), I was searching for particular patterns that crop up that may help guide my essay.

There were the obvious things that I expected to find, which were the constant use of beautiful and slim female models, however I never expected to see the floor! -in so much use. Overall I have found that a large majority of ads have use their models to advertise whilst lying on the ground, in sexual, idealistic positions in this issue of Glamour.

Is this telling us something? Is there a particular ideal that these magazines are striving towards? I certainly think that women’s magazines suggest that beauty and perfection is how we should aim to be and we should all fight to look this good, and buy buying into their products we can have that possibility.

Deep down we all might want this to be true, but this is how these ideologies have worked. While I flick through my magazine I’m in a constant critical mode, I compare looks, mine with models, celebrities and it becomes depressing after a while. This is how advertising works, it grasps onto our vulnerabilities while they are at their peak, and they sell, sell, sell!

I can see also that the ads attempt to sell us an ideology of a sexual nature. Some of the ads have women lying on top of men, possibly hinting that if you buy into our product then you will be successful in relationships and sex too. I find that ads illustrate a scenario also, to help the reader to relate to the ad and to visualize herself in that situation.

The use of celebrities gives the reader a sense of familiarity with the brand, and also gives the reader the belief that these famous, rich people use these products, but realistically they probably don’t.

By Stephanie Bryant

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