Ideology can simply be seen as a set of ideas and ideals, these can be shared or individual, they can form the basis of political manifestos, religions, business set ups and friendships.

Ideology’s are an easy way of targeting people, whether by advertising or politicians, they can pick at our thoughts, feelings and way of life, they can make us think and feel differently just by exploiting what they know we think and believe, everything can be manipulated when you label it.

When researching further into ideology I found the Marxist viewpoint to be very thought provoking and apt, “society’s dominant ideology is integral to its superstructure”, with upper class interests determining the ideology of the community. We don’t always see this happening, but explaining it simply- the richer proportions of society either own the business that makes or sells the product or over sees its use, the poorer class who work for them see this as an attainable goal, to have what they have. We are sold an ideology through our tv sets, through our radios, magazines and computers, we are told that we can have everything the richer classes have, it’s just we not only have to make the products on the shop floor, sell them to ourselves and pay for the privilege.

Abi Mitchell

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