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This is just a 45 minute documentary on the Bauhaus movement, not very detailed but it covers the basics but does talk about processes and ideologies etc. Quite interesting. Advertisements

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Ideology – Guemica, 1937 by Pablo Picasso This image is from – Hart, D. Picasso’s Guernica. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24th December 2010] This image is taken in response to the bombing of Guemica during the Spanish civil war. It shows … Continue reading

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Why i think Banksy’s ‘Marilyn-Moss Art’ is Postmodern

Why I think that Banksy’s ‘Marilyn-Moss Art’ is postmodern This image shows traits of the postmodern era by it playfully showing pastiche and parody. This means that Banksy has created this image to imitate Kate Moss in a comical way … Continue reading

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Poster for the Bauhaus Exhibition 1923 by Joost Schmidt

In this poster we can clearly see the influence of the Cubist collages of Picasso and Braque. There are also distinct echoes of the Dada photomontages which fused photographic and typographic elements.

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Marina Abramovic and living exhibition performance

Here’s an 8 minutes video on Abramovic and other artists performing in Manchester which I found interesting / pushing boundaries of what is ‘performance’ Cécilia

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