Film, film, film @ the art house!

So, all  film quips and clips, reviews, crits, comments and heated arguments here please!   Any generalised comments and sweeping statements ought to be challenged from the start….:)


Feminist film theory
Feminists observe the cultural practice of cinema as representing myths about women and femininity, men and masculinity. Issues of representation and spectatorship are central to feminist film theory and criticism. Early feminist criticism focussed on the stereotypes projected through Hollywood film. Feminist structuralist theoretical frameworks such as semiotics and psychoanalysis examine patriarchal (1) imagery. These theoretical discourses examine in what ways sexual difference is encoded in classical narrative. Psychoanalysis has been the dominant paradigm (2) in feminist film theory however multiple perspectives on identities and possible spectatorships are now studied raising questions of ethnicity, masculinity and hybrid sexualities. Laura Mulvey is most frequently used to introduce the concept of myth in classical narrative of Hollywood cinema.

1Patriarchy a system that relies on a central father figure in authority historically based with older civilisations that have influence over modern ones.  Feminist criticise all social systems in this context.  It can also be understood as a centrally governed system.

2 Paradigm is a distinct concept, pattern of thought or as Saussure would have it, elements that are similar.


1 Response to Film, film, film @ the art house!

  1. joanna says:

    Perniola gives us insight into philosphy and cinema with ‘Towards a philosophical cinema’. this dewscribes the wrok of Jarman and Blue.

    Now blue we understand as a ubiquitous concept associated with meloncholia so it is perhaps no conicidence that Jarman was dying of cancer at this time. The film is self reflective but proved a still blue screen. It signposts towards a connection between word and silcene that is made intense through the denial of the clamour, the many senses. It may be that Ian Breakwell follows this with his film documenting his memories and decline of health with Cancer.

    Both raise the topic of liminality which is the the ‘threshhold’, the doorway that is denied to us. Limitations that threaten.

    Hmmm to ponder!! Perhaps find other films that address limitations , memory deal with impairment of the senses etc.

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