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images of your work, sketches, ideas or something relevant to your thinking and practice when you want that adhoc feedback!


3 Responses to Feedback

  1. Charlotte Rowley says:

    I’ve left one of my comments on the about page of the medley. Feel free to comment on it!

  2. Charlotte Rowley says:

    I would recommend going to see the Contemporary Art Society exhibition at Batley Art Gallery. I went on the 23rd of October. It runs until the 27th November.

    From an email that i received from lvaf forum, what the exhibition is about –

    ‘This exhibition represents a selection of the almost 100 works donated to Batley and Huddersfield Art Galleries over the years, which now form part of the Kirklees Collection. The most significant work donated to the collection is Francis Bacon’s Figure Study II given to Batley Art Gallery in 1952, a reproduction of which can be found displayed in the Reference Library on this floor.

    Of the selection of works displayed here several have connections with Yorkshire. Martin Naylor, born in Morley was a student at Batley School of Art, and had his first studio in the town, John Loker was born in Leeds and studied at Bradford, Percy Hague Jowett was born in Halifax and Denis Bowen spent his formative years in Huddersfield, studying at the School of Art, before the second world war.

    The exhibition also includes work by prominent English artists, including Graham Sutherland Road Mounting Between Hedges – a work previously owned by Lord (Sir Kenneth) Clark; Little Jack Horner by Mervyn Peake, an artist better known as the author of the Gormenghast trilogy, and a poster designed by Sir Peter Blake to celebrate the CAS’s 75th anniversary in 1985.’

    I really liked the softground etching by Jane Tilson, it looked quite childish. i didn’t recognise that it was a print, at first. I also liked the composition of Benard Meadows work, Drawing for sculpture, a watercolour, it looked very odd. The work by Fred Mayor called la touche rouge, a gouache work, has a surreal edge to it and relates to the objects of everyday, being a painting of randomly placed chairs.

    I liked the fact that the gallery was small and in one room and not overcrowded with people, which made it quite intimate, so you could look at the pictures at your own pace.

  3. Charlotte Rowley says:

    I found the TV program – The Genius of British Art, on Channel 4 on the 17th of October interesting to watch. It looked at how victorian artists depicted themes of sexuality. It concluded, saying that people are now embarrassed about the male voyeurism of women, which i agree with. I particularly found the theme of fairies in artists work intriguing. It mentioned Atkinson, who was a Leeds artist in victorian times and also Etti, who was an artist from York.

    Although this may not be relevant to mine or your practices, it gives some insight into the history of British art.

    You could probably find that the channel 4 website will show a repeat of the programme online.

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