Interdisciplinary to me not only means being between an artist and designer but means not having to have a label above my head that dictates what I can and can’t do whether that be ‘painter’ or ‘sculptor’ or any other art form, I can simply say that I’m an interdisciplinary artist and can choose what I want to do.

Being an artist you can be good at many things and not have to be pinned down to just one, you can create Fine Art but can also fulfil a brief and create an outcome for some-one else, it gives you more opportunities and more scope for the future.

Within one project I like the fact I can learn how to solder metal, cast resin, melt glass, cut out stickers, make 3D cells with a laser and draw large charcoal drawings and have it all fit together as if it were the same material output. Being interdisciplinary is just being an artist.

Abi Mitchell

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