Nature of Interdisciplinary as a result of the Russian constructivist

The russian revolution

Proletariat vs Bourgeois – uprising of a social revolution – led by Lenin.

Empowerment for the fist time from the top -down; peasants were captured in art as being heroes – power of the people.

Propaganda and therefore art was a leading force in the revolution,  slogans such as : Peace! Land! Bread!  Challenged the Tsarist regime that was losing in World War I and causing low food supplies, high unemployment rates, and inflation. This criticised the Tsar widely as well as making promises to the people of change. There were calls for all working men to unite creating a rhetoric force.

In this Lenin is the focus of the image, but shows him almost being carried by the soldiers below showing how he can lead the people to success.


El Lissitzky’s 1919 Russian propaganda piece, “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge”, meant that avant-garde artists looked to adopt a visual way to translate the social and political changes at the time.

This image uses visual language to get across an idea to the people, The red triangle eats or stabs into the white circle suggesting the two sides of the revolution and also suggeting  violence and defeat.

By Rosie Curtis

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