Sustainability in Design

These two mugs, dubbed as ‘eco friendly’ by the supplier, have a lovely ideological vision behind them. They are created to encourage us to stop using disposable cups and use these instead, the fact that they are attractively designed to look like old fashioned china is also in the appeal, but we all want to save the world right? In principal this is a great idea, but I do wonder, at £14.00 a go, are they expecting too much of our generosity to the cause? Its a big question as to how much are we willing to spend to be green? Is this enough encouragement to really make a difference in the amount of un-recyclable rubbish that is being produced each year? All in all, they are pretty, they are fun and yes, I would probably buy one, the tea lover that I am….but is this enough for it to say it is an ‘eco’ product rather than just a novelty mug?

Marianne Slater


2010, eco friendly mug, [china mug-photographed], available at:,5,shop,home,homecategories,mugs, [accessed 24 March 2011]

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