To me interdisciplinary basically is dissolving the boundaries between what we know of traditional art and modern art; design for function and design for aesthetic value. In it’s nature interdisciplinary encourages experimentation, and through this we integrate different disciplines and practices and by doing so we discover our own strengths and weaknesses.

The exciting thing about is, is that you choose what areas you want to be disciplined in. Yes, it is a non – specialist field, but though keeping an open mind and continuing to explore and drive in between what is fresh, what is unconventional and even what remains traditional, we will perhaps reach a point where our passion drives us to specialise in what particularly works for us. It is how we bring all our disciplines together, what we choose to include and exclude that will define our practice.

It leaves us with so much more than a specialist subject would. Interdisciplinary allows us to fail. It recognises that we are human and it embraces diversity.

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