The ideology that surrounds the idea of ‘make do and mend’ has come into fashion over the last few years. With the recession as a spring board to brand frugality it has become the ‘in’ thing to be seen to make your own items. Knitting clubs and ‘stitch and bitch’ groups have cropped up all over the country and the ‘vintage’ and ‘nostalgic’ styling have flooded the high street. This is where ideology touches the same points as identity, how we want to be seen and how society and politics affects what we will buy. Are we just sheep?This image just goes to show the mix of ideology and identity and the pure ignorance of some designers. The whole point of ‘Make do and Mend’ is that we create something by hand, either from scratch or reuse old items, it is a lifestyle created to make money go further and this cushion, costing £30 illustrates the opposite morals of what it portrays. I would quite like meet the person who designed this cushion for mass production, ask them what they think ‘make do and mend’ means and then possibly give them a smack on the head! This is the idiocy of ideology.

Marianne Slater

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