Elements of Bauhaus architecture are adapted to the local environment, primarily because of the climate. One of the key elements of the International Style in Europe was a large window. However, in a hot climate – large windows that let great amounts of light shine into the rooms – do not make sense. Locally, glass was used sparingly and long, narrow, horizontal windows are visible on many of the Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv. On some buildings, you can … see long narrow balconies, which in many cases have now been enclosed. STYLE OR CONVENIENCE?

In 1925 the Bauhaus was moved into a group of starkly rectangular glass and concrete buildings in Dessau that were especially designed for it by Gropius. In Dessau the Bauhaus style became more strictly functional with greater emphasis on showing the beauty and suitability of basic, unadorned materials.
Developments in areas,  from Expressionism towards functionalism and from handicraft towards design for machine production, can be traced in the changing graphic design produced at the Bauhaus. – (web: Lycos Retriver)

Looking at the Bauhaus style architecture i found this..

A Bird House- in Bauhaus style.. adorable ..and functional.

The Bauhaus design principle is fundamentally, “no boundaries between the crafts”. Designed in Sweden and made from solid larch wood and painted with non-toxic colours, the house stays true to principle. Intelligent design keeps the end user, the birdies, from sitting in their food and ensures that larger birds are kept away.

By Rosie Curtis

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