Context tasks Level 4

By Charlotte Rowley – The Nature of Interdisciplinary

I assume that the nature of interdisciplinary includes being part of experimentation, development through different processes to the end results. Being an inter-disciplinarian is about combining and exploring new, modern techniques such as making a plastic laser cut brooch with etched copper that i have created. It’s about getting your work out there into the public eye in different ways, such as public art, installations or craft shops. Being this certain artist or designer includes being collaborative at certain times in your career as well.

Being an inter-disciplinarian excludes sticking to one idea, it’s about combing different themes or concepts to produce a variety of pieces. in my opinion it excludes artwork that is delicately done just to be viewed as having a decorative or realistic purpose, it shows meaning.

What drew me to this course is that it covered a wide range of modern and new technologies and that there was work experience involved. Work experience is very important if you want to get out there in the world and gain skills in your specialist area of art and design. It gives you more confidence in how you apply your knowledge to what you’re involved in i.e. community workshops.

So far in this course, i am exploring new ways of working and am not just sticking to what i know about certain materials and processes.

I have discovered that i am fairly good at thinking of possible ideas when given a brief to start off with. I have found out that in the collaborative project, that i have just started, i am good at getting the momentum flowing with regards to talking about my ideas.

As a producer, my work is evolved around being skills and process based. Some of my work is determined but most of it is produced by chance because so far i have found out, that during a project, i don’t know what i will produce until i go pass the experimentation stage.

I feel that at the moment in my career, i am an equal mix of craftsperson, artist and designer.

I don’t believe that an artist is outside of class and outside of society because they integrate within their work different opinions of societies and class.

I believe that society does judge the artist as not having a valid occupation because people feel that art is just meant for people to do as a hobby and that they see it as a ‘leisure’ opportunity.








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