Interdisciplinary Art

Interdisciplinary art creates a relationship across various disciplines, including architecture, communications, fashion, interior, video, products design, textiles, metal work, ceramics and so many more, its hard to narrow down what interdisciplinary’s boundaries are.
Using these different materials or processes to make your work and/ or to help support ideas towards generating a piece means being interdisciplinary. Therefore i don’t think it means you cant specialize or otherwise should specialize, it means you have the freedom to choose what you do and what materials to use, whether that be a few combined or one singular material.

Karen harzigeorgiou – from her Broken doll series.

Uses different materials, ideas and processes… plays with her ideas and takes things out of context. Adored.. or disturbing?

Bettina Speckner – Brooch, photo in enamel, silver, white gold and sapphires.

Again uses a variety of materials, distorts the familiarity of a brooch and what you expect of it.

Kate Macdowell – ceramic art

One material, but still interdisciplinary.

Maybe Interdisciplinary is about changing the audiences view on the material or subject matter, taking things out of context. – or is that art generally.

By Rosie Curtis

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