This kitchen clock, which incorporates a mechanical timer, was designed by Max Bill whilst Director of the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG Ulm), the experimental design school founded in 1953.’

Max Bill was a student at the Bauhaus, he kept the aesthetic of the school in his later work, he had a mind an idea of “rationalist modernism” which translated to streamlined and stylized designs.

“This clock is one of the earliest and most notable designs by Bill to be put into production. Everyday objects (kitchen appliances, audio visual equipment, tools, shelving etc) were a central focus for the work of Ulm designers, who shared a tradition of ‘moral purpose through design’ and ‘good form’ with the Swiss and German Werkbunds. Bill had spearheaded the Werkbund’s good form campaign (which ran through the 1950s) with his influential travelling exhibition ‘Gute Form’ in 1949.”

Egg shaped with an egg timer, clean lines, very simple yet appealing. With it having an egg timer and being egg shaped it reminds me of Robert Venturi’s Duck vs Decorated Shed.


Bauhaus task by Abi Mitchell. Interdisciplinary level 4.

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