Ideology – Guemica, 1937 by Pablo Picasso

This image is from –

Hart, D. Picasso’s Guernica. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24th December 2010]

This image is taken in response to the bombing of Guemica during the Spanish civil war. It shows the ideology that the communists and fascists were discontented with each other due to the war. It shows that there was pain and suffering involved by the way the figures in the painting look dismembered. It looks surreal, as people at that time didn’t know what was going to happen next. It appears to be very chaotic which is what you would expect it to be like during an outbreak of war. It is showing that people died in the most excruciating way and probably on top of others who were injured and dying too. It also shows a mythical creature which was probably a motif to a belief, as suggested by the website (Pablo Picasso, His Life and Art), that there was major destruction happening and that ‘the bull probably represents the onslaught of Fascism.’ The eye probably represents God watching over the people and their belief that he will bring them hope, due to many Spanish people being Catholic and believing in God.

Bibliography –

Pablo Picasso – His Life and Art, 2008. Guernica. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24th December 2010]

By Charlotte Rowley – level 4

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