A little something on feminism…

Fat is a feminist issue, by Susie Orbach… A book I have looked at for the triangulation task. It is an anti-diet guide for women, and looks into the issues women have with there bodies and their relationship with food and themselves. Orbach looks deeper into why compulsive eating effects some women, and how why they eat is to build a protective layer of fat around themselves from the outside world.

Have a browse at the book, it is a good read and interesting, from a womans point of view, how we think.

Lisa Haith.

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1 Response to A little something on feminism…

  1. Sherrelle Davis says:

    Just thought I’d comment because I found the idea of the protective layer interesting, I haven’t read the book but the idea of creating a layer to protect yourself interested me for a few reasons. Firstly I thought the idea of building fat to protect yourself from the outside world was interesting and conflicting at the same time. I say this because of the health risks involved in relation to food and health for example obesity and diabetes. When I thought of the layers of fat some women put on to shield themselves from the outside world I immediately thought of someone becoming obese, unable to look after themselves, being restricted to existing within the four walls of their houses. The idea that the layer they had initially intended to protect themselves was now taking over and dominating their lives. Another reason I found this interested me was due to the idea of women creating an outside layer, the idea of women setting boundaries and restrictions which determine the amount of contact they have with the rest of the world.

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