Joseph Grigely really captures the nature of the ‘Secret Life of Objects’ brief, almost against his will. His art is based on the reproduction of spoken word as an object, and the difficulties that arose through his becoming deaf as a child. He was not particularly good at lip reading and didn’t fancy the idea of having a signer wandering around with him 24/7 so found that getting his peers to write down anything he needed clarifying. As he developed his practise as an artist, he found these notes fascinating and started exhibiting these as disjointed sequences and giving them a new objective life.

He said of Ellen Cantor, during a collaboration with her (

‘I met Ellen C a couple of years ago, and one of the things that I really liked about her is her uninhibited way with words […] a lot of people aren’t afraid to speak their mind, but to write your mind takes a different kind of effort.’

I think he has caught my eye more than he would have due to my introduction to him and reintroduction to cuneiform (check this out if you haven’t already) coincidentally happening within a few hours of each other.

Patrick Kirk-Smith.

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