Popcorn at the ready!

A few more films that are definitely worth a watch! I don’t have links for most of them, so it’s gonna be a case of Amazon or the wonderful library.

Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) film. Jim Jarmusch. (There are some really interesting shots in this film, from angles that you wouldn’t expect, plus, it’s all in black&white, and on a mega plus, Bill Murray gets involved!)

Lost in Translation. (2003) film. Sophia Coppola. (This is a must see, there’s not an awful lot that happens in this film, but that’s the beauty of it, there’s a lot of beautiful colours and the film has a really calm pace, also filmed on location in Japan, so there’s plenty to be mesmerised by)

Zeitgeist: Addendum. (2008) Peter Joseph. (Raises some interesting questions, and definitely worth seeing, plus it’s available right here)

Lauren 🙂

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