Film Readers


Berger, J. (1980), About Looking. New York, Pantheon

Bordwell, D & Carroll,N. (1996), Post-theory reconstructing film studies. Wisconsin, America, Wisconsin Press

Carroll, N. (1996) Theorizing the moving image.,  New York, Cambridge University Press

Creed,B. (1993) The monstrous-feminine: film, feminism, psychoanalysis. London, Routledge

Doane,M. (1991) Femmes fatales: feminism, film theory, psychoanalysis. New York, Routledge

Hayward, S. ( 1996) Cinema Studies; the key concepts, Routledge

Mulvey,L.(1974) Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema in Kellner,D.  Media and cultural studies; keyworks,

Silverman, K. (1988) The Acoustic mirror: the female voice in psychoanalysis and cinema. America, Library of Congress

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  1. Add of course all your fine books here!

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